Oil Field Chemicals

Asiatic Industries is a new-generation Oil Field Chemical manufacturer offering a complete portfolio of chemicals right from PRODUCTION to DRILLING & COMPLETION under the brand name ASIATREAT


S.No. Application ASIATREAT Products Chemistry Features
1 Demulsifier ASIATREAT EB series Proprietary blends of resin alkoxylates / poly alkoxylates polyols, ethyleneoxide propyleneoxide block copolymers, etc Quick separation of produced water from crude oil. Clear oil water interface with no rag layer formation clear water quality
2 Corrosion inhibitors ASIATREAT CI series Formulated blends of imidazoline / amine intermediates, amine blends, alkoxylated fatty amines, quaternary ammonium compounds Excellent protection from various corrosive fluids and gases. Good film forming ability. Stable at range of temperature & ph
3 Ppd/flow improvers ASIATREAT FI series Blends of polyacrylate polyvinylester Reduces the pour point of high waxy crudes. Improves the flow characteristics of crude oil at low temperatures
4 Scale inhibitors ASIATREAT SI series Poly acrylic acid salts, phosphonates and salts of phoshonates, polyetheramines Very effective in controlling the scaling issues due to caco3, baso4. Effective at low dosages and severe conditions of ph and temperature
5 Biocides ASIATREAT BC series Proprietary blend of quaternary ammonium compounds / gluteraldehyde thps Controls corrosion problems due to various bacteria, srb, gab, ganb etc
6 Deoilers / water clarifiers ASIATREAT WC series Polyamines, polymers Effectively reduces oil content from produced water to meet the disposal requirements
7 H2S scavangers ASIATREAT HS series Triazine based & non triazine based H2S scavangers Very effective in reducing the concentration of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Controls deposit formation
8 Asphaltene inhibitors ASIATREAT AI series Maleic-based polymers, ethoxylates Controls the asphaltene precipitation from crude oil. Prevents the deposition in flow lines and increases the production capacity
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